LPA Sewer System Information

Additional Information


EMERGENCY NUMBER – (217) 632-0000

In 2006, Lake Petersburg Association (LPA) completed the installation of a low pressure force main sewer system around the entire lake. This system has also been installed in other Sangamon County subdivisions and is currently being implemented at Lake Springfield. LPA maintains the system and promptly responds to all calls from Members when they encounter a problem. Our Lake Ranger has been trained in the care of our system. Please be sure to consult with him before allowing any person or contractor to address anything that may impact the LPA sewer system. This includes issues you may encounter on your leasehold.

 Members are responsible for treating their system appropriately and for contacting the Association immediately if a problem occurs. Failure to do so will result in the Member being financially responsible for all associated costs.


Things to Remember

NOT to be placed in drain/toilets

• Fats, Oils and Grease

• Egg Shells, Seafood shells, Glass, Gravel or Sand

• Flushable wipes

• Feminine products

• Condoms

• Baby diapers and wipes

• Paint

• Cleaners (liquid from old bottles)

• Hazardous materials

• Powdered Detergent

• Kitty Litter


Even though some of these products may be acceptable for city sewers, they compromise our system. It should be noted that cleaners utilized with water such as when cleanings sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets are fine. Disposing of cleaners in a concentrated state are harmful to our system.

Sewer Care - away for week or more

Please flush out your sewer system before leaving for a week or longer.  

All you need to do is run clean water from your tap for several minutes until the pump activates.  

Turn off the water and allow the grinder pump to run until it shuts off automatically.  

This will help ensure that nothing will sit in the unit for a prolonged period of time that could become caustic and/or make odor seep up through your drains.

Sewer Repair and Pumping Responsibility

LPA is responsible for repairs from the sewer pump tank to the City of Petersburg sewer lines. 

Repairs to the sewer system for which the Lake Association are responsible will be paid from the Lake Petersburg Sewer Maintenance Fund which is supported by yearly dues. 

The home owner is responsible for repairs and pumping due to inappropriate items being placed in drains or toilets, and for repairs from the house to the sewer pump tank. For example, any issue within the house or from pipes extending from the house to the pump will be the responsibility of the leaseholder.

Sewer System Troubleshooting



1. Toilet backing up, floor drains overflowing, slow flushing toilet without sewer alarm sounding :

This is probably a clog between the house and pump which will most likely be the responsibility of the leaseholder to repair. You should call the emergency number to have LPA verify the pump is working properly and to advise as to possible fixes for the problem or whether a plumber needs to be called. 

2. Toilet backing up, floor drains overflowing, slow flushing toilet with sewer alarm sounding: 

The sewer pump is most likely not pumping or pumping very slowly. Call the emergency number for service.

3. Alarm activates frequently:

Incoming flow is greater than the pump can handle. 

· Are you using your washing machine and/or do you have other water that causes excessive flow to the pump?

· Allow system alarm to sound for a few minutes to see if alarm will shut off on its own. 

· If alarm does shut off, system is working correctly. 

· If it does not shut off, call for service.

4.  Odor (sewer) inside or outside the house:

If a sewer type odor is detected in or around the home, call the emergency number so the Lake Ranger can advise as to possible fixes for the problem or whether a plumber needs to be called.